Saturday, April 9, 2011

 Back to creating? Yes, I think that after the last few months of health issues I am feeling more like writing and doing music and art. I apologize for the quiet, I know just how important is is for the masses to read my blog!
Of course I am being silly but it beats moaning about being ill. At any rate I have been in touch with the DOD hotline and asked to go to the local VA hospital and re-apply. (God bless America!)

Good art comes from the heart. My meds are making me pretty shaky still  so I have been adapting my graphic style to adjust to the tremors and actually incorporate them into the design. It seems to work and I will post and link some new drawings soon as I get my scanner up and running. In spite of the 'side effects' of the mind altering experiences in C.D.E.C. (Combat development experimentation command) in the early 1970's I have tried to be creative or at least interesting...Just say no. Too bad I couldn't manage that myself, but being young and foolish was not too hard.

 My friends new studio is well equipped and complex, I have been learning the new programs by Rob Papen, Waldorf  and others and making new sounds and effects. Lately I have been trying to make videos with hard core low tech and it is not only challenging but also diverting. My Jamendo account (and others) are being supplemented by youtube slowly as I discovered what so many have already: youtube is immediate and located in almost every music or video fan's "book mark". Discovering obscure web logs is a hobby for some and I commend them for their patience.

 Lately I was notified that an individual has been posing as my self and they are under investigation for felony fraud. Some of my articles have been altered and posted on other websites such as 'god like productions' and appear to be the work of at least one individual with an agenda. As my latest round with the VA begins I hope to cope by being creative and upbeat.
  Thanks for reading!
 Grindstaff A/k/A psiklon

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